Fiatal parlagi sas – Young Eastern Imperial Eagle

Raptors have always been considered to be difficult to photograph. Until recently in Hungary photos of birds of prey have generally depicted a bird flying against the blue sky or perching on its nest. In the past few years special hides combined with feeding stations have allowed photographers to take lots of high quality pictures from close distance.

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When we decided to create a website to showcase our galleries our goal was to show raptors performing characteristic behaviour  in their natural habitats under natural conditions.

Although one can find beautiful photos of raptors from many excellent photographers on the net, we hope that our raptor pictures can give our visitors something new.

We have been involved in raptor monitoring and conservation both in Hungary and abroad for a long time. Because of the experience so gathered it is very important for us not to disturb them while taking photos. It is quite obvious in a picture if a bird is tense – a result of the presence of the photographer. We always try to avoid these situations. For that matter, ’really good’ shots can only be taken if the bird acts naturally. Most of our photos were taken from car or mobile hides usually built at dawn and used during the day. Knowing where, when and what species can be photographed without disturbance have proved to be essential in order to be successful with a low budget set-up we have.

A high proportion of our pictures is a result of an encounter by chance or while monitoring nests and banding chicks. It is very rare that we take pictures from hides close to a nest. Such photos have usually been taken while participating in conservation projects, and have been used to illustrate the nest or the chicks for the general public in education or public awareness publications.

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