A western-Kazakh Steppe Eagle (Aquila nipalensis) in Oman

On 17th of December, I could manage to photograph a 1st-year female Steppe Eagle with a colour ring on her left leg in Raysut, Oman.

Young Steppe Eagle with a colour ring, Raysut, Oman.

Based on the black-orange colours and the A16 code the bird could have been identified as the one that had been ringed by Igor Karyakin and his colleagues, Andrey Kovalenko and Alex Karpov in the West-Kazakh Aktobe region on 24 June, 2012, approx. 3700 km from Raysut, Oman.

The eagle in Kazakhstan during ringing.

This is the second recovery data of the Steppe Eagles ringed by the Russian team. The first eagle, originating from Russia, was recovered in Yemen earlier this year.

rrrcn map

I would like to thank Igor for the data and the image taken during ringing and to congratulate on the superb  http://rrrcn.ru website!

Best wishes,


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    András és Gábor!

    Mindketten fogadjátok őszinte nagyrabecsülésemet!

    Mint fotóst is esz a penész ilyen felvételek láttán. A honlapotok és az ott közöltek igen magas minőséget képviselnek, elhivatott profik munkái.


    Motkó Béla


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